Sleep Hack

Living in the modern western world it is drilled into us to work more, do more, consume more and we sacrifice our poor sleep the most to gain more "time"....

Cynthia Sepulveda

What make her a lifters league legend is the fact she is so small, can be so strong and eat so much and get so lean doing so. Something girls...

Breathing, Bracing and Building Tension

The quality of our movement during the bench is dictated by we are able to maintain tension. Barebones, without any muscles, are nothing but a stack of bones. Without the...

Victoria Felkar | Females on Steroids

Me and Victoria at the SWIS Symposium in Canada catching up on science. In todays episode of the Muscle Nerd Podcast we have a special guest, Victoria Felkar. She is...

Daniel Mahony

Our youngest athlete Dan Mahony competed at 2018 GPC nationals doing the team proud totaling an incredible 545kgs at 66.1kgs body weight at just 16 years of age taking 2...

Rhiannon Keith

Last year on the 22nd of October Rhiannon Keith competed at the GPC Sydney Cup held at Warrior Performance. Rhiannon successfully hit 9 from 9 lifts, and placed 1st in...
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3 Major Keys to Building Strength and Size

On the surface, stimulating muscle growth is easy: just drink coffee, eat meat and lift heavy! Weight training will work as long as you're progressively increasing the demand placed on the muscle...

Dr. Lock’s approach in Injury Prevention for Powerlifters

This is a mini-workshop Andrew Lock did for our team on injury prevention for powerlifting when we were in preparation for GPC Nationals. This is a great template to use...

Position Stand: Creatine Monohydrate and Performance

The following seven points related to the use of creatine monohydrate as a nutritional supplement constitute the Position Statement of Lifters League (more…)