My Decision to Compete in Bodybuilding

You read that right, I, Leoni Smith, have committed to competing in a bodybuilding competition. For those that know me well, would understand how much this is outside my realm...

Like in all industries, not all advocates are wise

A few weeks ago, I experienced a situation that struck a cord with me, an issue which I am very passionate about, and low and behold, here I am writing...

Tyron Senituli

In late 2016 Tyron became the strongest PA lifter in all of Australian History with a 887.5kg total (more…)

The man who chases two rabbits doesn’t eat

“The man who chases two rabbits doesn’t eat”. I heard this quote a long time ago in a podcast from Dr. Lonnie Lowry, and it has stuck with me since....

Optimal Vs. Functional

In our industry, we see a lot of people going about things the wrong way. A common problem we see comes down to the issue of whether to use the...

Calorie Deficits Don’t Work

  I’ve written before about why the fitness industry is wrong about fat loss. Let me explain to you what most don't understand about calorie balance; it all comes down...
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Strength training and why I believe its relative to your goal

Last week was a fun week for me with training. I had finished my program and was waiting for my coach to prescribe my new program, so I took the opportunity to...

About Leoni

I began my journey into serious strength training 2 years ago. In a way, this was the destination on a long journey of different training modalities and sporting experiences. I...
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Your Diet Plan Isn't Working? Here's why?

I came across new research by Meredith David, PhD, assistant professor of marketing from Baylor University that really supports one of our philosophies on dieting. When starting out on a diet people tend...