Sarah Rainbow

By Gus Cooke / December 19, 2019 /

Broke the longest standing record in History and won the hardest competition in the world.

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Powerlifting Secret with Gus

By Gus Cooke / December 10, 2019 /

I had the opportunity to talk on the Wolf Den with Mark Ottobre from Enterprise Fitness straight after coaching at the biggest stage in the world of powerlifting ProRaw Big Dogs & Wild Cats. Full episode below… here is what they had to say; In this episode, powerlifting athlete and coach, Gus Cooke joins us…

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Dr. Lock’s approach in Injury Prevention for Powerlifters

By Gus Cooke / December 7, 2017 /

This is a mini-workshop Andrew Lock did for our team on injury prevention for powerlifting when we were in preparation for GPC Nationals. This is a great template to use for a powerlifter to manage all our common injuries and niggles related to shoulders and backs. Below the video and under that is the breakdown…

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Tyron Senituli

By Gus Cooke / March 14, 2017 /

The Biggest PA Total In Australian History

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Pip Brown: One Year Journey with a Powerlifter

By Gus Cooke / May 15, 2015 /

68kg @40% to 65kg @20% and 242.5kg to a 372.5kg total This is a classic example of what the recomp method can do for a powerlifter. I have been coaching Pip for a year now and she has put on an amazing 11.2kg of muscle with a fat loss of 14.1kg, while gaining 65kg on her squat,…

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