Daniel Mahony

Our youngest athlete Dan Mahony competed at 2018 GPC nationals doing the team proud totaling an incredible 545kgs at 66.1kgs body weight at just 16 years of age taking 2 world records and winning silver in a very competitive class. At the 2019 GPC Nationals at the age of 17, he took every record in the 67.5kg class 4 world records and tallying up 8 National Records


What makes Daniel a Lifters League Legend?

At such a young age he became not only the strongest teen in Australia but also beats every single adult competitor in his weight class. In the 67.5kg class, he took every single record giving him 4 National Records and 4 world records. He has now moved up to 75kg class and has taken every single National Record in that class giving him a total of 12 records. The other remarkable thing is he has a 280kg deadlift at 71kg bodyweight. Super close to 4x bodyweight.

How did he start with Lifters League?

Young Dan started lifting weights at his school gym, and after a few months decided to go join a commercial gym where Braydn noticed his potential as a powerlifter as he was deadlifting triple bodyweight at 14 years old with no proper coaching. He did his first competition here at Lifters League coming second to a phenomenal athlete. He was shortly after sought out by Head Coach Gus who wanted to push his potential to the next level and became a member of our powerlifting team.

How did you do it?

There has not been any special techniques or methods applied, Daniel has the talent and when complimented with properly, well-structured coaching, he was (and is) able to progress to his maximum potential. The same method applied to everyone else was applied to Daniel, however, he has the right attitude and does whatever it takes. Pretty remarkable for someone of his age.

What is he doing now?

He just got an invite to ProRaw XII, one of the most competitive powerlifting competitions in the world. This is something he has been wanting for a while now and it’s definitely well deserved. He thrives on the challenge!