Cynthia Sepulveda

What make her a lifters league legend is the fact she is so small, can be so strong and eat so much and get so lean doing so. Something girls around the world could do. What makes her a legend is her relentless discipline to make it all happen.

How did she start with Lifters League?

She come from a background of an eating disorder. Eating very little to try and get the body composition result she desired while at the same time trying to strength train. She started back in 2016 with nutrition help to get ready for a photo shoot. Aside from her body composition change for her photo shoot, Cynthia also had strength goals she was wanting to achieve so I convinced her that to get the best results, she will need to do proper full time coaching with me.

How did you do it? 

The amazing result you see above is 2 years into coaching and over that time we constantly worked towards performance and competing in powerlifting. As she got stronger her body required more food to the point we had a 52kg female eating 3500 calories. As little sense as this makes to people this actually makes it easier to lean out. We got down to 13% body fat for her photo shoot. 

What is next for Cynthia? 

She’s pregnant so she is keeping up her health and still lifting to help with her pregnancy


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