Joanne Greagan

After taking 2 years off competitive powerlifting, Joanne came to me 6 months postpartum wanting to compete in powerlifting again. Joanne had the impression it would take at least 2 years to get back to her former strength. Much to her surprise, 8 months later she hit a total PB (personal best) of 535kg on the biggest powerlifting stage in the world. What makes Joanne’s story inspirational is she achieved all of this while training on her own, looking after a new born and getting her teenage boy to spot. She is a legend and an inspiration to many!


  • Squat 215kg
  • Bench Press 120kg 
  • Deadlift 212.5kg
  • Total 535kg

How did you do it? 

This transformation required a high level of personalisation of programming that required constant contact of 1-3 times a week. Constant bio-feedback and video assessment was sought to allow perfect adjustments to create the right response and to also know when to pull back to maximise recovery. She had little expectation of herself, but I knew I could get her close to her PBs however it still blew me away how well she actually went. 

What are you doing now? 

We are now preparing for 2020 ProRaw where we now aim to be stronger than ever. 

What is Next for Joanne?

After ProRaw we are going back to the biggest stage in the world for Wildcat 2, where we aim to dominate!