Danielle De Haas

One of my favourite Athlete, Danielle De Haas- was one of my IFBB figure competitors. In 12 months she went from 69.9kg@24.4% with 110kg squat, 50kg bench and 130kg deadlift to 68.5kg @9.7% with a 145kg squat, 90kg bench and 205kg deadlift. All this with weight training, lots of food and NO CARDIO. She is a perfect example of how performance is the only, most important thing to manipulate to control your body composition.

Name: Danielle De Hass
Coach: Gus Cooke
Athlete: IFBB Figure Competitor
Age: 23
Services: Online Comp Prep Coaching
Best Squat: 145kg
Best Bench: 90kg
Best Deadlift: 205kg
Best Condition: 68.7kg@9.7%


Stats: weight 69.9kg, muscle 52.8kg, fat 17.1kg (24.4%,) bench 50kg, squat 110kg, deadlift 130, age 23, height 167cm


Before Dani came to see me she was wanting to compete in  bodybuilding bikini division. She had a coach prescribing her a basic exercise plan with no strength targets in place. She had been given a diet plan of 1200 calorie and had lost so much strength that her pervious best deadlift of 170kg had regressed to 130kg.  Malnourishment and lack of training intensity spells disaster on a persons metabolic health, mentality, gut health and the ability to retain the muscle you are trying to show off. This is very common with a lot of girls that come and see me. 


Stats: weight 68.5kg, muscle 61.9kg, fat 6.6kg (9.7%,) bench 90kg, squat 145kg, deadlift 205, age 23, height 167cm
Time Frame: 12 months
Services: Comp Prep Programming and Diet Service

I immediately put Danielle on 500 more calories and programmed her training to gain the strength she had lost. What she wanted to achieve in her body composition can be quantified by a level of athletic function i.e. strength. An elite athlete trains to perform better and requires a sports nutrition plan to maximum their training and body composition. In terms of building a physique for bodybuilding, the property of having good looking muscles is a function of strength, and fat is lost is achieve through interventions of training volume and intensity with calculated sport nutrition. After the first 6 months of training she had gone from 70kg@24.4% to 74.6kg@17.6% gaining 8.4kg of lean body mass, losing 3.7kg of fat and had put 40kg on her bench, 35kg on her squat and 50kg on her deadlift giving her a 145kg squat 90kg bench and 180kg deadlift. What I would like you to note here is that she gained weight, and that in no way diminished how she looked.

She then took 4 months off to move to Melbourne and came back pretty much in the exact same condition. In this time I had stopped seeing her face to face and we were communicating with online coaching, but it did change a thing. So we took off where we left off but with even more calories. We did most of the prep at about 2200 calories with absolutely no cardio. At no point did she ever lose strength or muscle as most “comp prep coaches” have you believe. See it with your own eyes. This is her deadlifting 205kg mid prep.

By the time Dani was ready to compete she had reached 68.5kg @9.7% and still hadn’t touched cardio, eating about 1900 calories and took first place at the Arnolds qualifier which obviously qualified her to compete at the IFBB Arnold Classics. After this she decided to do the opens and placed 6th out of 30 of the best girls in the country. Dani is the living embodiment of what we do here at lifters league. The one thing that set her apart from other people is she is disciplined, hard working and listened to us.  [/ut_one_third]

I am eating more than I ever have, I am the strongest I’ve ever been and I have the lowest body fat % I’ve ever had. This is all thanks to having a coach who is educated beyond a personal training course. He does not apply a ‘one size fits all’ diet. He listens, learns and responds to MY body and uses that information to make weekly changes for me. I have learnt so much about how to fuel my body to maximise my training and subsequently better my weekly results. I am very thankful to be guided by someone who has my health as the number one priority. There needs to be more people like this who have a passion for the job and less of the personal trainers who do it for the money! 


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