Brittany White


Before – 1st May 2015

96.8kg | 60.2% body fat | 1500 calories/day | no exercise

After – 1st December 2015

76.2kg | 24.9% body fat | 2000 calories/day | training 3-4 days/week + weekly runs

Total fat lost: 39kg

Total lean mass gained: 19kg

Brittany came to me in May 2015 with a goal of losing ~25kg. She had tried unsustainable methods in the past so came to me wanting long term, realistic weight loss. Before training with me she was not exercising at all and was in low energy, high stress mode.

Brittany was an absolute pleasure to train- she worked hard and trusted the method. The reason Brittany was so successful, was that she did not just talk, she did. Brittany changed the way she thought about training and fat loss, and most importantly her behaviour followed. See what she has to say below!

Tell us about your lifestyle before training?

I’m a criminal defence lawyer, I work long hours 5-7 days a week. My job is high stress so I’ve found for my own wellbeing as well as work productivity, stress management is so important. Before I was training, I wasn’t managing these very well and my diet was not great.

What prompted you to find a coach and start training?

Like I said, my work is high pressure. The stress built up and I found myself “stress eating”= heaps of sugar and takeaway. Lots of sneaky McDonalds runs on my way to work! I gained a lot of weight living like this, and didn’t notice at first because I was so busy. Eventually I began to notice how tightly my clothes were fitting, but the moment that really prompted me was when a colleague commented on my weight gain. At that point I realised I needed to take action instead of sitting back and letting life happen to me.  So I went to the gym and signed up with Annie as a coach.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.31.06 PM

Brittany’s body composition charted over the 7 months

What were your initial thoughts about Annie’s training and nutrition method?

This was my first reaction- I was so surprised that Annie had recommended me to eat more! To be honest, I didn’t think it would work at all. I had come into my first session expecting that I would need to restrict my calorie intake. This sounds awful but after hearing on the first day that I would be eating more, I was so worried that I was wasting my time! I can see now how well it all works.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.16.25 PM.png

“I began to love the feeling of being strong”

Did the results come fast?

Very fast. I’ve done fad weight loss diets in the past but this method worked even faster but was far more sustainable.

How did your mindset and goal change over the 7 months?

I came into the first session thinking I had to restrict to improve the way I look. Despite this, Annie always put the focus on eating lots and eating well, and training to build my body. I wasn’t allowed to wallow in negative self-talk, and instead began to love the feeling of being strong. Soon it became about what my body was capable of and not just what it looked like; this shifted my view on weights training and even who I was as a person. I was more confident, better able to manage stress, less anxious and had better sleep with a proper routine. Once my goal shifted to performance instead of image and I gained this positive mindset toward training, the weight just fell off.

I don’t know a lot of women who strive for strength in the way that Annie does. She became a role model for me as a strong, confident female. She definitely didn’t try to coach me on mindset or mentality, but instead showed how to think through her own behaviour and words. Her attitude toward training and body image changed my attitude.

Soon it became about what my body was capable of and not just what it looked like; this shifted my view on weights training and even who I was as a person

Who would you recommend this service to?

I would (and have been) recommending Annie to absolutely everybody! In particular, when I hear people starving themselves or endlessly exercising to lose weight I would always recommend Annie. The key to this all is not to reduce what you are eating, the key is to properly feed your body with good nutritious food and train hard. If anyone struggles with stress or feels like they don’t have the time to exercise they should talk to Annie.

“Annie’s attitude changed my attitude… I became more confident, less stressed and less anxious”

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