Rhiannon Keith

Last year on the 22nd of October Rhiannon Keith competed at the GPC Sydney Cup held at Warrior Performance.

Rhiannon successfully hit 9 from 9 lifts, and placed 1st in the U75’s class. Here is a summary of her results:

Squat 187.5kgs

Bench 120kgs

Deadlift 225kgs

Total 532.5kgs

This was only Rhiannon’s second powerlifting competition, and was her best competition to date, increasing her total from Nationals 2017 by 32.5kgs. This also secured her the GPC’s National Deadlift and Total Record for the U75’s class.

Rhi deadlifts 225kg from Lifters League on Vimeo.

Prior to the Sydney Cup, Rhiannon had been working with Gus for about 1.5 years. Upon starting her best lifts were:

Squat: 110kgs

Bench: 78kgs

Deadlift: 150kgs

Rhiannon came to Gus with an extensive background in bodybuilding. Her main goal was to improve her body composition utilising the realistic, healthier and holistic approach Lifters League adopts. Rhiannon responded extremely well to the methods utilised, that being an increase in food intake and rest/recovery, with an implementation of heavy strength training. Powerlifting became a natural extension of this goal as she  exceeded her expectations lifting weights she had never achieved before.

Some of her achievements to date working with Gus:



  • Competing at GPC Sydney Cup 2017 – Placed 1st U75s with 532.5kg total


  • Holds the GPC National Deadlift Record for U75s at 225kgs
  • Holds the GPC National Total Record for U75s at 532.5kgs


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