Sarah Rainbow

In March of 2017 Sarah competed at her very first invitation powerlifting competition ProRaw. ProRaw is one of the hardest powerlifting competitions on the planet. On this day not only did Sarah take first place, she also broke the longest standing powerlifting record in Australian History of 35 years. Sarah took the record of the biggest female bench press with 157.5kg from the legendary Bev Francis. 


  • Squat 240kg
  • Bench Press 157.5kg 
  • Deadlift 255kg
  • Total 640kg

How did she start with Lifters League?

Sarah started with me in October 2015. Prior to this, Sarah already had competed in 2 powerlifting competitions and was already pretty strong. Her lifts were a 135kg squat, 97.5kg bench press and a 170kg deadlift. I believe taking on lifters that already start at a high level of strength, tests the coach’s ability even more because they are past achieving ‘noob’ gains. At our first competition Sarah got a 150kg squat, 105kg bench press and 180kg deadlift. 

How did you do it? 

From our first assessment, I looked at the major limitations which was technique and recovery and prioritised these as areas which needed improvement first. Sarah was only eating 1200 calories, which wasn’t enough food to support her training or her work, which at the time was a very labour intensive job. Coming into her first comp I increased her calories immensely, working her up to 3600 calories, which resulted in 3kgs of fat loss and 4kgs of muscle gain. 

What are you doing now? 

Now we have worked out all major weakness and focus on the basic over and over again and leave no stone unturned. We dive into psychology, biochemistry, hormone optimization and much more. At her elite level every single thing matters. We continue to experiment and innovate to find out what will give us the edge. Currently we are experimenting with Velocity Based Training, measuring bar speed to a 0.01ms accuracy to determine her perfect training zones. She is now our first sponsored athlete of Lifters League. 

What is Next for Sarah?

Sarah continues to hold her title and aspires to become stronger than ever. We have now set our eyes on international competition to go up against the best in the world.  


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