Velocity Based Training for Powerlifting

I talked to Jay Kelly on our show, he is the High-Performance Liaison Officer of GymAware. The innovators of the technology behind Velocity Based Training. We talk everything powerlifting related to velocity-based training and see what are other applications to sporting teams around the world. You watch below or find it on iTunes or Spotify.

Since using it with my athletes it has given me an insight into programming that has bought so much clarity and understanding. Its the single most objective measuring tool I’ve ever used in my career as a powerlifting coach. I believe if you don’t use this in the next few years as a coach and powerlifter you are going to be left behind.

Case Study – Sarah Rainbow

Sarah Rainbow in 6 months when from a 235kg squat to 257.5kg squat which if you compared to the previous years had only increase 7.5kg. The remarkable thing about that is that 7.5kg in a year is a lot for a female that is already so strong. So to get a 22.5kg increase in record time is an amazing feat.

Let’s not forget her bench press. In 2018 she benched 157.5kg breaking the all-time Australian Bench Press Record that had been standing for 35 years. Now a record like that you wouldn’t expect to increase for some time. Well, for 2 years it didn’t. In fact, it went backward, comp after comp never been about to hit it again. After 6 months on VBT we hit 161kg, which was meant to be at ProRaw (but ronna), but hit at the gym so its an unofficial record.

VBT has allowed me to see if we are training in the right stimulus range, if we are over-reaching, if we are under-reaching, not recovering. With the information VBT can provide we can make constant intelligent adjustments to ensure to are on the right path.

Buy a VBT Device

If you are interested in a personal velocity device then FlexStronger has given us a 5% discount to give to you below. This is the world’s most advanced barbell performance training tool. FLEX measures lift performance and give powerful real-time feedback through your iPad or iPhone.

Download a Force Velocity Profile

If you get a device and want to use it for powerlifting you are going to need to create a force-velocity profile. It’s something you can utilise in your training right away if your using percentage-based training but allowing the velocity of a given percentage to dictate load. Learn more about it below and register to get your free template.

Fill your details below to get my force velocity profile template emailed to you.


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