Are you passionate about powerlifting and want to take it to the next level? Through our champion powerlifting team, you can reach new heights in a fun and competitive environment. Our powerlifting team takes powerlifting seriously, supporting and pushing each other towards our personal goals at national and international competitions.  

We only choose those who are the best fit for our team. If you are a passionate powerlifter with the right attitude and personality, you should apply today. For those not quite ready for the powerlifting team, check out our strength coaching services.


Become a powerlifting pro

Each member of our powerlifting team receives access to our professional powerlifting coaches and advanced equipment. If you want to get competition ready, Lifters League is the place to do it. Our coaches and training facilities offer you the push you need to become a powerlifting pro.  

We don’t just train pros. whether you want to enter into novice powerlifting competitions, state competitions, national or even international, we provide the coaching you need to reach your competition goals.   

COMP PREP turned up to 11

When you are on the powerlifting team, what you can expect to receive, goes way beyond our strength coaching services. You’ll be a part of an advanced training system, with a nurturing environment that gives us a competitive edge. It’s our sole purpose to make you the best athlete possible and we believe this is only achieved through a supportive team of coaches, consultants and athletes, rather than the input of just one individual. Everything is still personalised, and highly specific for you, but now you are a part of a system that breeds animals.


Hi, I’m Gus Cooke and I’m the Head Coach of Lifters League. My story starts back in 2009 in the Australian Army in the Royal Australian Regiment. We were getting ready for deployment to Afghanistan but during my training, I sustained a severe injury that accumulated over months of intense training and had developed stress fractures in both my legs preventing me from getting deployed and landed myself in rehab for 8 months. So, being placed a desk duty, I got fat. Then like most people, I looked towards the gym to change my body. Lucky for me, my first mentor was a powerlifter and I learned the 3 fundamental lifts : Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift and based our training around those lifts. This started the neverending pursuit of being better, bigger, leaner and stronger.

Powerlifting competitions

We host powerlifting competitions across a range of skill levels for competitors across the state. Our range of events are hosted across the yearallowing anyone passionate about powerlifting of any level to get involved. To register or enrol download our app or click the link below to our events page.  


online training

If you are outside of Brisbane, we provide online strength coaching designed to help you reach your goals or perform to the best of your abilities. With a completely customised training program, tailor made nutrition plan, and weekly video calls with a strength coach, you will be equipped for powerlifting competitions.  

local coaching facility

Our strength training facility is conveniently located in central Fortitude Valley, only a short walk from trains and busses. You will train face to face with our experienced coaches on our advanced equipment.