This progarm is 6 weeks long 4 days a week. Its split into upper and lower days focused around the gym lift Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Row. Alternatives have been thought of if equimpment is limited. It focuses on injury prevent, preparation for return to gym life and fun strength training with thing you may haven’t seen before. 


This is a home based training program with the basic gym equipment. The absolute minimum you need is barbell and weight. 

– Barbell and weights

– Rack* 

– Dumbbbell and/or Kettlebells* 

– Bands*

*last 3 are optional and suggetion have been made and you can swap out exercise. You will be able to communicate via our app that you will download to receive the program.  

Who Is It For

This is designed for those that have regularly engaged in strength training but are currently restricted by equipment and/or enviromental factors


First objective it to teach our injuries prevention methods. That same things I have taught 1000s of athletes and coaches to prevent injury and lift safely 

Second objective is to work in the confines of your environment, this includes equipment and mindset. Not everyone

Third objective is to create a more functional body preparing for life back into gym life 

Fourth objective is enjoyment, this program isn’t overly hard and has a wide variaty of exercise that will be new and chanllanging to strength athletes. 


You will be able to communicate directly with your Coach Gus Cooke for advice and send videos for feedback.

To Start

Fill in the form below with your credit card details and it will be emailed to you.

If you are not happy with your purchase I will give you a full refund

A promise by head coach Gus Cooke


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