STRENGTH COACHING and technology comes together

TRAINING with our
'HYBRID' 1:1 Coaching

Build your strength and reach your performance and body transformation goals properly with our 1:1 "Hybrid" coaching service. Hybrid is a face-to-face Strength Coaching service integrated with our online coaching strength system. We teach you how to lift properly, building your strength without injury. Through one-on-one coaching, strength training programs, nutrition plans, injury prevention, recovery management, and regular reviews, you will receive the highest level of support to reach your strength goals. If you are passionate about building your strength, improving technique, and transforming your body, you will find the support you need to grow at Lifters League.

what is included

With our strength coaching, you receive: 

  • In-Person Movement and Technique Assessment
  • Access to 1:1 Coaching with Gus Cooke
  • A Prescriptive Strength Training Program
  • Injury Prevention Plan
  • Recovery Management Plan
  • An optimised nutrition plan fit for your goals, body and lifestyle
  • Data-tracked feedback to optimise performance
  • Communication access to your personal coach 24/7


Lifting without injury is our priority.

Our strength coaching isn’t just about lifting the heaviest weights possible. We are about helping you reach your maximum potential by teaching you correct lifting techniques, building your strength, and minimising injury. Through meticulous and detailed strength coaching you will reach your potential faster, blowing away previous limits set upon yourself.

We also teach injury prevention methods. These clinically backed movements our system is designed to reduce or eliminate the chances of injury from day 1 no matter how conditioned your are, this will yield superior results as you will be able to out last everyone else. There is no point being able to lift heavier weights if you are going to injure yourself.

Who is our
strength coaching for?

If you are serious about wanting to unlock your body’s capabilities, we are for you. Our comprehensive strength coaching builds your strength through the teaching of proper lifting techniques, training programs, diet plans, and perseverance. Each of our professional coaches are goal-focused and will help you reach yours, allowing you to set the bar higher with each completed goal. Get to where you want to be with Lifters League.  


Coach Gus Cooke

I exclusively operate our hybrid and powerlifing coaching in Brisbane. I created the strength system that has been taught and used by many PTs and coaches. Its train 1000s of athletes that has global recognition.

Gus Cooke

Bench Press


Sarah Rainbow

Broke the longest standing record in History and won the hardest competition in the world.

Joanne Greagan

14 months post baby hitting a total PB of 535kg on the biggest stage in the world.

Cynthia Sepulveda

Inspiring transformation seeing a 52kg powerlifter lean down on 3500 calories

Daniel Mahony

Became the Strongest Teenager in Australia

Rhiannon Keith

Became The Strongest Female in U75 Australia & IFBB Competitor

Tyron Senituli

The Biggest PA Total In Australian History

Danielle De Haas

Victoria IFBB Physique Winner

Pip Brown

One Year 20% body fat down 130kg increase on powerlifting total



in touch

Get a free strategy session with our team. We discuss your goals, fitness history, and current capabilities to help you understand what we can do for you, and where you might end up with us.  


Receive a
custom plan

Our coaching and nutritional team will work to build a custom training and diet plan. These will be tailored towards your body and your goals, each designed to put you where you want to be.  



track your

After you begin your strength training with our coaches, we will continue to reassess your progress in order to optimise your diet and training plan. We want you to reach your goals and will work to get you there.  



hit your

With regular training, and our coaching and diet plan you will reach your goals. It is an incredible moment that you will never forget. You will wonder why you didn’t start strength coaching sooner.