3 Major Keys to Building Strength and Size

By Gus Cooke / December 11, 2017 /

On the surface, stimulating muscle growth is easy: just drink coffee, eat meat and lift heavy! Weight training will work as long as you’re progressively increasing the demand placed on the muscle over time (either by adding more weight, doing more reps at a given weight, doing more sets, etc.). But it’s still interesting to understand the…

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Optimal Vs. Functional

By Gus Cooke / March 9, 2017 /

In our industry, we see a lot of people going about things the wrong way. A common problem we see comes down to the issue of whether to use the optimal technique or the most functional method. Let me explain what I mean by this. Optimal describes a method or technique that is, in theory,…

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Your Diet Plan Isn't Working? Here's why?

By Gus Cooke / September 28, 2016 /

I came across new research by Meredith David, PhD, assistant professor of marketing from Baylor University that really supports one of our philosophies on dieting. When starting out on a diet people tend to adopt the wrong strategies of going too hard too fast. Some are equiped to manage this intensity but where so many others go wrong is abandoning…

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Is their such thing as good food and bad food

By Gus Cooke / August 30, 2015 /

I started this rant a few months ago from an observation I made on Facebook, when I was seeing some current diet religions promote “anti-health” foods as the answer for fat loss or as a “mentally healthy” approach to dieting. There is already a big enough epidemic of obesity, directly related to the foods we eat. I firmly believe that…

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Pip Brown: One Year Journey with a Powerlifter

By Gus Cooke / May 15, 2015 /

68kg @40% to 65kg @20% and 242.5kg to a 372.5kg total This is a classic example of what the recomp method can do for a powerlifter. I have been coaching Pip for a year now and she has put on an amazing 11.2kg of muscle with a fat loss of 14.1kg, while gaining 65kg on her squat,…

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Physics lesson for 'Time Under Tension'

By Gus Cooke / May 5, 2015 /

In the late 1980’s, scientists discovered vital information that showed the stimulation of muscle growth and strength to be a function of ‘time under tension’ (TUT). However, the words from these studies had been taken too blindly by the fitness industry and this has caused huge confusion on how this data should be applied.

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Why the Fitness Industry is Wrong About Fat Loss

By Gus Cooke / February 8, 2015 /

We’ve all seen it, we’ve all read it “energy in – energy out = weight loss or gain”. Every single piece of fat loss and muscle building advice you read comes back to this simple equation. It’s perfectly valid and humans are as subject to the laws of thermodynamics as anything else in the universe.  …

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Effects of High Protein Diets on Body Composition

By Gus Cooke / January 19, 2015 /

Protein is the most important macronutrient for positive alterations in body composition. Previous work has suggested that protein intakes in the range of 1.2-2.0 grams per kilogram (kg) body weight per day (g/kg/d) are needed in active individuals. In contrast, the Australians recommended daily allowance (RDA) for protein is about 0.8 g/kg/d. This is inadequate for…

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