Are you afraid of fat gain?

By Natalie Kormushoff / September 9, 2019 /

I’m going to start by telling you a story that might sound familiar. You’ve been dieting for awhile, lost some weight, and now you’ve decided you want to add some muscle. Food is up, you’ve been feeling good and feeling stronger, and weight has been stable.

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The Bulk Life – Interview with Mitch

By Leoni Smith / June 25, 2018 /

I originally met Mitch McDonald when he came into Lifters League for a body composition scan. From here, a couple of scans and some general advice in between, Mitch decided to start coaching with me on the 2nd November 2018.

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Rhiannon Keith

By Gus Cooke / March 7, 2018 /

Became The Strongest Female in U75 Australia & IFBB Competitor

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My Decision to Compete in Bodybuilding

By Leoni Smith / July 4, 2017 /

You read that right, I, Leoni Smith, have committed to competing in a bodybuilding competition. For those that know me well, would understand how much this is outside my realm of comfort. The competition itself will not be till february 2018, which ideally allows 6 months to prep. This will enable the methods utilised to reach 10%…

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Brittany White

By Annie Short / July 29, 2016 /

Stats Before – 1st May 2015 96.8kg | 60.2% body fat | 1500 calories/day | no exercise After – 1st December 2015 76.2kg | 24.9% body fat | 2000 calories/day | training 3-4 days/week + weekly runs Total fat lost: 39kg Total lean mass gained: 19kg

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Danielle De Haas

By Gus Cooke / April 11, 2016 /

Victoria IFBB Physique Winner

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Pip Brown: One Year Journey with a Powerlifter

By Gus Cooke / May 15, 2015 /

68kg @40% to 65kg @20% and 242.5kg to a 372.5kg total This is a classic example of what the recomp method can do for a powerlifter. I have been coaching Pip for a year now and she has put on an amazing 11.2kg of muscle with a fat loss of 14.1kg, while gaining 65kg on her squat,…

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Physics lesson for 'Time Under Tension'

By Gus Cooke / May 5, 2015 /

In the late 1980’s, scientists discovered vital information that showed the stimulation of muscle growth and strength to be a function of ‘time under tension’ (TUT). However, the words from these studies had been taken too blindly by the fitness industry and this has caused huge confusion on how this data should be applied.

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