weight loss

Are you afraid of fat gain?

By Natalie Kormushoff / September 9, 2019 /

I’m going to start by telling you a story that might sound familiar. You’ve been dieting for awhile, lost some weight, and now you’ve decided you want to add some muscle. Food is up, you’ve been feeling good and feeling stronger, and weight has been stable.

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Brittany White

By Annie Short / July 29, 2016 /

Stats Before – 1st May 2015 96.8kg | 60.2% body fat | 1500 calories/day | no exercise After – 1st December 2015 76.2kg | 24.9% body fat | 2000 calories/day | training 3-4 days/week + weekly runs Total fat lost: 39kg Total lean mass gained: 19kg

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