This is broken into 2 parts.

  1. Autoregulation
  2. Biofeedback

Autoregulation means making some of the decisions about your training *during* your workout, instead of having every detail planned beforehand. In other words, you have more immediate control over the variables in your workout than with most programs. This is prescribed to you and you find the best weight that is align with perceived intensity. Example 8RPE should be a challenging weight where you could do 1 or 2 more reps. (see graphic below)

Biofeedback is an RPE feedback is how hard something feels to you at the time. It is a subjective measure of your strength at a given time. We rate this on a scale from usually from six to ten. The higher the number, the harder the set felt. You can develop your own or use the one that we will discuss. The main thing is that you’re consistent. An RPE overcomes problems the pure percentage based training has by allowing you and coach to regulate training based on how hard a weight feels. By using an RPE, we are able to regulate training more effectively and know how far your progressing. I will both prescribe and get feedback on how it actually went. I have also shown what the perceived feeling should be. This is different for everyone you put how you feel. This will develop over time.

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