I forgot to mention something important in this video

  • Everything in the meal plan list is measured raw, dry and uncooked weight
  • All meat products is without skin and most visual fat removed
  • This section makes it all easy as we use the provide food source and turn it into a meal plan calculator that only tracks as we have designed. You just design your meal and meet the targets.
  • The meal plan section is to plan your meals ahead of time
  • The first 2 red section is HBV protein and must do first as it counts call macros
  • The next 2 purple section is good fats and it only counts the fats and ignores the carbs and protein
  • The orange 2 is complex carbs and only counts to carbs and excludes fats and protein
  • You then have simple carbs and workout carbs which work the same
  • The white section is custom foods you create. Its at the bottom because its the lower priority. It will count towards your fat and carbs. If you use this it will reduce the amount of quality food you eat
  • It will round everything to the nearest 5 grams as its not about IIFYM.

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